We Give Back 12.5% To Your Favorite Charity!





When we made a business decision to share 12.5% of every sale with charities, we knew that this amount would catch everyone's attention! We knew we would have to be crystal clear on what this means to our customers:

  • You'll never have an additional cost in order to do good in the world!
  • You'll always find that our prices are the most competitive prices everyday!
  • You'll feel empowered from every purchase, when you choose the charity that is meaningful to you to receive 12.5% of your total purchase!

Of course the "Cherry On The Top" is that deserving charities benefit from eCommerce jewelry sales in a significant way!


  • Your jewelry purchase "sparkles" the world and "sparkles" your soul!
  • We are the first eCommerce jewelry site that lets you choose the charity that is near and dear to your heart!
  • 100% of every donation is always given to the charity!



About Our Pricing


eCommerce has created a different twist on pricing. As a new company, we knew we could write our own rules. We have set our prices to be the most competitve prices everyday!  We want our customers to have full confidence, that when they visit our site to make a purchase, they are getting a great price. We take away the wonder and the worry that tomorrow may bring a better deal. The only time you will ever see slight fluctuations in our prices, is when the price of gold, silver, or platinum changes.

You never have to wait to make that special jewelry purchase at thejewelingiving.com!