Our Ethical Commitment

  • Strict Use Of Conflict-Free & Ethically Sourced For All Diamonds And Gemstones


  • 100% FSC Certified Eco-Friendly Boxes


  • Only Recycled Papers Are Used


  • Recycled Metals Are Applied As Much As Possible


  • Collaborating With American Manufacturers


As a socially conscious established company, The Jewel In Giving recognizes its responsibilities in regards to conducting business in the highest of standards.  There are industry protocols that have been established for the jewelry industry to adhere to in regards to conducting business in a humane and ethical way and “Conflict Free Sourcing” is one of the ways in which the industry as a whole has adopted this into their practices.  The Kimberley Process is the name of the official initiative that was taken in the year 2000 to unite societies and the industry to take action in reducing the flow of conflict diamonds that have been used to finance wars against governments around the world. What has evolved from The Kimberley Process is that now 99.8% of the diamonds in the world are “Conflict Free Diamonds”.

  Modern technology has also helped for it has allowed for greater transparency in the entire process from mining to retail sales. The Jewel In Giving follows the guidelines of The Kimberley Process and to the best of their ability makes sure that all of their suppliers go beyond the standard requirements. If there is an initiative or association that has been established to make sure that ethical and environmentally sound practices are followed, The Jewel In Giving will always be affiliated and supportive and will always meet and exceed the industry standards to do the right thing. The Jewel In Giving “blended philanthropy” business model has been built on the premise that together we can change the world and every aspect of conducting business must meet our own personal high standards of what that means. As you will see on the website we support and are affiliated with organizations in which their mission is synonymous to who we are.

Our customers can always feel confident knowing that our humanitarianism and conscience is our compass in how we responsibly bring the jewelry to you.