Birthstone Education

Birthstones have truly unique and special meanings and wearing your birthstone is known to bring good luck and wellness:

January- Garnet (A symbol of faith and love)

February- Amethyst (A symbol of strong relationships and courage)

March- Aquamarine (A symbol of good health, youth, love and hope)

April- Diamond (A symbol of everlasting love)

May- Emerald (A symbol of fertility, rebirth and love)

June- Pearl, Alexandrite (A symbol of modesty and purity)

July- Ruby (A symbol of harmony and peace)

August- Peridot (A symbol of strength)

September- Sapphire (A symbol of dignity, loyalty, serenity and wisdom)

October- Opal, tourmaline (A symbol of faithfulness, hope and confidence)

November- Topaz, Citrine (A symbol of love and affection)

December- Tanzanite, Blue Topaz, Turquoise (A symbol of good fortune and success)