We Give 12.5% of Your total Purchase to the charity of your choice

Why Shouldn't Your Jewelry Give Back?


❖ We are a mom and son team, that takes pride in bringing out the best in people.

❖ We designed our business to incorporate what we do best: Jewelry & Philanthropy! 

❖ With a 30 year old family wholesale jewelry business and 20 years of philanthropy, we're able to tap into our resources to keep our prices down. You shouldn't have to pay extra to do good!

❖ It's our belief, that we must feed our souls. We saw the perfect opporunity to merge two wonderful industries and create a sparkle that goes well beyond the shine of our jewelry.

❖ Jewelry that allows you to share 12.5% of your total purchase to the charity meaningful to you.

❖ For this to be perfection, our jewelry is without the typical retail markups and margins. You shouldn't have to pay extra to do something wonderful!

❖ With the latest trends and classic staples, find all the styles you're looking for with us.

❖ Built on a socially conscious foundation, we only use FSC Certified Eco-Friendly Jewelry Boxes and Recycled Materials. We go beyond the standards of the industry with our Ethically Sourced Diamonds and Gemstones.

❖ We are so proud of our business and we welcome you with open arms into The Jewel In Giving family.


Sparkle Your Style & Shine Your Soul